We are a creative team that specializes in video content and motion design. The idea that image can contribute to a positive change in the world is our main motivation to keep doing what we do. With each project, we challenge each other to become more creative in order to help you reach your communication goals.

– Producing motion design movies (2d/3d)

– Creating video spots (live-action)

– Creating original content

-We provide 360°assistance with web, print and digital strategy.

Whether you are located in Toronto, Tangier, London, or even on a desert island, we would love to learn more about your goals. The only thing you need to reach us is an internet connection. Let’s get in touch so we can understand your expectations and your needs.

And remember: imagination knows no bounds!

How it works

01. The Concept

The project has been validated? Let’s start!

Once the script has been written, here, at Disruptive, our team is responsible for imagining a visual and acoustic universe that fits in with your movie. We also take care of the rest – decor, casting, and specialized technical crew. In short, we handle everything that might be needed to successfully complete your project!

02. Production

This is the key step of your project!

Our creative experts use the same tools as the ones that are used for motion pictures, in order to bring your script to life. Your project takes shape, sentences get translated into action, and words become colorful. Welcome to our world, a rainbow of colors and shapes supporting your projects!

03. Post-Production

Now we need to carefully work with the raw material to bring it to its final shape. Video editing, colorimetry, sound design, retouching, special effects – count on our expert eye to create visual gold!

04. Distribution

3…2…1… and you’re good to go !
Your movie is now ready to be shared with the rest of the world! We provide web marketing and advertising solutions, as well as extensive know-how, in order to help you distribute your project and make an impact on your audience.


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